Australian Poultry

The most dynamic growth industry

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Due Diligence

An absolutely critical component of the agricultural investment process

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Farm & Financial Management

Existing and new production operations

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Feed Conversion

Today's chickens need less feed to reach market weight at 35 days

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Future Food Investment

Chicken has become Australia's favourite meat

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Greenfield Sites

New Farm Developments

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Investment Efficiency

Broiler growth to 35 days

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Investment Solutions

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If it is important to you to be achieving sustainable high levels of profitability from your Poultry Business, then we start from a common base. Our consulting role looks at helping you achieve that important objective. For a Poultry business to perform well over time, all aspects of its operation must be functioning efficiently.

The technical aspects of:

  • Production
  • Management
  • Financial monitoring
  • Capital allocation decisions all must work together to give the best overall result

Our role is to help you stay highly focused on the factors that are critical to success and we do this in the following way:

  • Ensure that the poultry enterprise is able to provide high levels of profitability into the future
  • Identify industry best practice benchmarks for the business, and that a plan is in place to meet and exceed these benchmarks over time
  • Ensure that all capital allocation decisions are sensible and are likely to create wealth
  • Monitor the progress of the plan that is laid down for the poultry farm business to achieve success