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Due Diligence

An absolutely critical component of the agricultural investment process

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Farm Purchase Due Diligence (DD)

Due Diligence is an absolutely critical component of the agricultural investment process. When you’re buying an existing broiler farm, you’re buying a business not just a property. You’re also buying farming history, infrastructure, access to market, development/diversification potential, and a whole range of other attributes.

We examine the critical elements of a purchase that may not be apparent to others outside of the poultry industry.

Our capabilities with regard to Due Diligence include:

  • Water resources
  • Infrastructure and equipment assessment
  • Detailed climate assessment
  • Management and Production history
  • Existing contracts and renewal options
  • Assessment of labour capabilities and requirements
  • Opportunities for diversification
  • Farm opportunity and future capabilities
  • Management recommendations
  • Economic assumptions
  • Capital expenditure assumptions for the next 3 years post-purchase
  • Important farm disclosures
  • Comparison against other poultry properties currently on the market