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Domestic demand to increase

Chicken meat sales in Australia

Projected growth in chicken meat production over the next five years is largely in response to an ongoing increase in domestic demand, as retail prices of chicken meat remain well below prices of alternative meats. The domestic market is projected to continue to account for around 96% of chicken meat production. Exports will comprise primarily low value cuts and offal, for which there is little domestic demand.

Australia ranks third-highest in the world in per person consumption of chicken meat, after Malaysia and Jamaica. Over the 10 years to 2013–14, growth in per person consumption of chicken meat in Australia averaged 3% per year.

Chicken meat is expected to remain Australia’s most consumed meat over the medium term. Australian chicken meat consumption is forecast to rise by nearly 2% in 2014–15 to 45.4 kilograms per person and by a further 2% in 2015–16 to 46.1 kilograms per person. Over the medium term, consumption is projected to grow to 49.2 kilograms a person in 2019–20.

Chicken prices in Australia

Past and projected future growth in Australian chicken meat consumption reflects the competitive pricing of chicken meat compared with pork, beef and lamb. Over the past two decades, the prices of other meats have risen very strongly relative to chicken meat. Over the five years to 2014–15, chicken meat was on average 50% cheaper than pork, 59% cheaper than lamb and 65% cheaper than beef. Over the medium term, chicken meat is projected to remain much cheaper than these competing meats.

Source: ABARES


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